Getting Here
The Signature Hotel Airport

Hatyai city is located about 30 km from the Malaysian border. So Hatyai city has become a popular tourist destination for visitors from Malaysia and Singapore who enjoy dining on local food, massage and shopping which the city is famous for.

“The Signature Hotel Airport” is located in 11 KMs distance of the Hatyai city center.

It takes approximately 3 minutes drives or less than 10 minutes walk from Hatyai International Airport, 20 minutes from Kim Yong Market, Central Festival Department Store and Hospital.


ATM - 300m

7/11 – 700m

Hatyai Town – 11km

Hatyai International Airport – 300m

Central Festival Hatyai – 9km

Kim Yong Market – 11km

Asian Trade Night Market – 9km

Greenway Night Market – 9km

Hatyai Park – 14km

Hatyai Nai Temple – 9km